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Davis living base Antarctica

Australian Antarctic Division

ESD Consultant and energy modelling for the design of the new Davis Station Living Quarters in Antarctica. Sustainable design advice has included the modelling and assessment of the building to determine and optimise the:

      • Thermal efficiency of the highly specialised building envelope, with various types of unique construction/insulation material and window/glazing types, sizes and locations.
      • Critical daylight penetration into the building, assessing the predicted occupant comfort levels related to a sense of connectivity to the outdoors to prevent the onset of ‘cabin fever’.

The obvious issues of fuel supply required the design of the new living quarters to be super high performance with quadruple glazed windows, R4.0 walls etc.

Off Grid Tolmie House

Tolmie House | Habitech Systems

Greensphere  was commissioned to provide the Energy Assessment for the Habitech Alpine House. This was completed using FirstRate5 and resulted in a 7.7 Star rating. The design is carefully considered to frame southern mountain views, while optimising northern orientation. The house has utilised a specialised construction system to create a unique family home in a difficult climate.


DSE Anglesea

Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE)

Responsible for the compilation of the GreenStar submission  for this innovative building in a rural setting in Anglesea. The building includes:

      • 4 Star GreenStar Rating;
      • Zero water leaving the site;
      • Natural ventilation and passive cooling systems; and
      • Earth covered roof.

BDAV 10 Star Challenge WINNER

Winner – EME Design with Greensphere 


 This project designed by EME Design in conjunction with Greensphere Consulting incorporates large amounts of internal mass and very thick insulation, coupled with high performance glazing (triple glazed).

The north facing greenhouse also provides winter warmth, and was modelled extensively to demonstrate the additional thermal performance of this design beyond the 10 star rating cap. Solar PV, Solar Hot Water and community living complete the submission



North Bank Concept Design

North Bank Concept Design

Peddle Thorpe Architects

This was an early version of a building that is now built in Melbourne CBD, in a prestigious location on the north bank of the Yarra. This early design set a high benchmark for ESD performance, and included a very large solar Photovoltaic system on the roof (visible).

As with many concept designs this scheme did not eventuate but served as an excellent design study for what was technically possible.

NMIT Green Skills Centre

Northern Metropolitan Institute of Tafe

 The NMIT Green Skills Centre represents a new era in Sustainable Education. This 5 Star GreenStar facility is purpose built for education and training in Sustainable design and technology. The Building features advanced technology such as a geothermal air conditioning, a 25 KW photvoltaic system, Greywater treatment, 110,000 Litres of rainwater storage, 3 different types of Solar hot water, as well as endless sustainable design features and material selection.

Greensphere in Goldcoast Bulletin 2015

Greensphere was contracted to provide a peer review of what would become the Gold Coasts tallest building – the 88 level Iluka Redevelopment. Part of the findings included the fact that the surrounding buildings, predominantly located to the east of the proposed tower, had been largely ignored by the original shading study that was submitted to Council as part of tthe application. The findings also showed that the Councils policy on shading was generic and allowed a wide interpretation.

Read the article here: report-suggests-the-88-storey-iluka-tower-will-leave-darkness-after-the-dawn/story

and here: residents-gear-up-to-fight-iluka-development-with-shade-wave-unwelcome-at-surfers-paradise

Living Places – Melbourne Design Awards Winner 2012

‘Living Places’ Suburban Revival

‘Living Places’ public housing establishes a benchmark for environmentally and socially sustainable low-cost housing in Victoria.

The culmination of an open design competition initiated by the Office of the Victorian Government Architect and the Office of Housing,’ Living Places’ involves the design of fifteen environmentally efficient, low-cost dwellings on six consolidated residential allotments in Dandenong. The project establishes a solar responsive urban framework which, in combination with efficient internal planning and the integration of ESD technologies, facilitates dwellings with energy ratings in excess of 8 stars. WSUD principles, grey water treatment and indigenous planting reduce the site’s dependence on mains water and minimise its impact on the local environment.

West Beach Terraces

West Beach Terraces | Grant Amon Architects









Small scale residential is efficient in both space use and thermal performance

This pair of townhouses responds not only to site constraints, but also strict requirements regarding sustainability from the Council within which it resides. Complex solutions can be avoided when the design embraces these requirements from day 1. A double storey green wall has been designed to provide a visual screen as well as a buffer to the harsh west summer sun.


Living by Design Radio Show 8.11.10

Radio imageGreensphere Consulting’s Chris Jensen was invited to the 3WBC “Living by Design” Radio show, to discuss the typical requirements put on a  design project to achieve the minimum performance of 5 Stars for a residential development. Such requirements include insulation, double glazing, thermal mass, orientation, shading and cross-ventilation.

Jolimont Square

Jolimont Square | Folkestone Pty Ltd









ESD Consultant and energy modelling for the design of the high end Rob Mills designed townhouses in this prestigious location.

Sustainable design advice has included the modelling and assessment of the building to determine and optimise the:

      • Thermal efficiency of the building envelope, with various types of construction/insulation material and window/glazing types, sizes and locations.
      • Detailed assessment of the material and construction options to ensure a high level of performance in a difficult western orientation.

Middle Park Boutique Apartments

Middle Park Boutique Apartments | BG Architecture












These superbly designed apartments have one of the most enviable addresses in Melbourne. The Architects were commited to achieving a high quality finish as well as sustainable performance. This was handled by integrating the material design and energy requirements of the project early in the design.

The outcome was top class and the performance levels achieved with minimal interruption to the design intent.