Off Grid Tolmie House

Tolmie House | Habitech Systems

Greensphere  was commissioned to provide the Energy Assessment for the Habitech Alpine House. This was completed using FirstRate5 and resulted in a 7.7 Star rating. The design is carefully considered to frame southern mountain views, while optimising northern orientation. The house has utilised a specialised construction system to create a unique family home in a difficult climate.


Wentworth super insulation

Owen Vokes and Peters

slab detail










greensphere  was commissioned to provide detailed energy performance assessments for series of wall types, window configurations, and thermal mass densities. Currently specified in a double stud thermally broken (no bridging) format at 300mm thick, this wall system achieves in excess of R7.0.

Fitzroy House

John Wardle Architects













This unique house by John Wardle Architects is a multi-award winner. The narrow site response is through the use of a central courtyard, where the characteristic graffiti connects the house to the neighbourhood context, something that is integral to the design of the house.

Beach Road Black Rock

StudioFour Architects

The design for this discerning client incorporates flexible living into the solidity of the concrete structure. As well as resolving the building fabric performance, which includes the ever difficult west facing view, a detailed energy performance study was completed.

West Beach Terraces

West Beach Terraces | Grant Amon Architects









Small scale residential is efficient in both space use and thermal performance

This pair of townhouses responds not only to site constraints, but also strict requirements regarding sustainability from the Council within which it resides. Complex solutions can be avoided when the design embraces these requirements from day 1. A double storey green wall has been designed to provide a visual screen as well as a buffer to the harsh west summer sun.

St Kilda House

St Kilda House | Andrew Maynard Architects

Combining an existing house is never easy in terms of energy and thermal performance. This uniquely designed house employs the best features of the existing house, such as thermal mass, with the best of the new extension, such as high insulation levels and high performance double glazing.

Jolimont Square

Jolimont Square | Folkestone Pty Ltd









ESD Consultant and energy modelling for the design of the high end Rob Mills designed townhouses in this prestigious location.

Sustainable design advice has included the modelling and assessment of the building to determine and optimise the:

      • Thermal efficiency of the building envelope, with various types of construction/insulation material and window/glazing types, sizes and locations.
      • Detailed assessment of the material and construction options to ensure a high level of performance in a difficult western orientation.

Narrowneck Beach

Narrowneck Beach, Gold Coast | Raptis Group

Queensland Tower













Computer modelling and energy studies for a high profile residential tower in the exclusive Main Beach, Gold Coast

Middle Park Boutique Apartments

Middle Park Boutique Apartments | BG Architecture












These superbly designed apartments have one of the most enviable addresses in Melbourne. The Architects were commited to achieving a high quality finish as well as sustainable performance. This was handled by integrating the material design and energy requirements of the project early in the design.

The outcome was top class and the performance levels achieved with minimal interruption to the design intent.