Davis living base Antarctica

Australian Antarctic Division

ESD Consultant and energy modelling for the design of the new Davis Station Living Quarters in Antarctica. Sustainable design advice has included the modelling and assessment of the building to determine and optimise the:

      • Thermal efficiency of the highly specialised building envelope, with various types of unique construction/insulation material and window/glazing types, sizes and locations.
      • Critical daylight penetration into the building, assessing the predicted occupant comfort levels related to a sense of connectivity to the outdoors to prevent the onset of ‘cabin fever’.

The obvious issues of fuel supply required the design of the new living quarters to be super high performance with quadruple glazed windows, R4.0 walls etc.

DSE Anglesea

Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE)

Responsible for the compilation of the GreenStar submission  for this innovative building in a rural setting in Anglesea. The building includes:

      • 4 Star GreenStar Rating;
      • Zero water leaving the site;
      • Natural ventilation and passive cooling systems; and
      • Earth covered roof.

North Bank Concept Design

Peddle Thorpe Architects

This was an early version of a building that is now built in Melbourne CBD, in a prestigious location on the north bank of the Yarra. This early design set a high benchmark for ESD performance, and included a very large solar Photovoltaic system on the roof (visible).

As with many concept designs this scheme did not eventuate but served as an excellent design study for what was technically possible.

NMIT Green Skills Centre

Northern Metropolitan Institute of Tafe

 The NMIT Green Skills Centre represents a new era in Sustainable Education. This 5 Star GreenStar facility is purpose built for education and training in Sustainable design and technology. The Building features advanced technology such as a geothermal air conditioning, a 25 KW photvoltaic system, Greywater treatment, 110,000 Litres of rainwater storage, 3 different types of Solar hot water, as well as endless sustainable design features and material selection.