I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait ’til oil and coal run out before we tackle that. – Thomas Edison


Greensphere’s ESD capability is continuously evolving and adapting to the changing needs of business, keeping abreast of new technologies and advances, and importantly, changes in legislation. Our experience spans all building types, including residential, multi-residential, commercial, office, educational, industrial and specialty buildings such as Antarctic living quarters, Tropical ecoresorts and Alpine ski lodges.

Services for all aspects of the development process

Greensphere Consulting’s ESD consultancy services link all areas of the development process and include:

Design and development input

  • Masterplanning and development of design briefs.
  • ESD strategic planning advice, policy development and design guideline preparation.

Modelling and assessments

  • Site, building form and orientation modeling to optimise natural light and solar access.
  • Thermal modelling, building energy simulation and system optimisation.
  • Daylight and energy efficient lighting analysis and design and indoor glare assessments.
  • Comfort assessment and indoor environmental quality studies.
  • Evaluation and design of natural ventilation and building thermal performance.

Energy rating and reporting

  • Energy and greenhouse gas emission assessments; ABGR/NABERS Star rating advice and assessments, NABERS and GreenStar assessments for commercial and educational developments.
  • NatHERS, Basix, First Rate and BERS assessments for residential developments.

Systems design and selection

  • Glass comparisons, building facade and solar shading optimisation.
  • Evaluation and design of solar hot water, integrated photovoltaic and co-generation alternative energy sources.
  • Development and specification of energy efficient alternative ventilation, cooling and heating systems.
  • Improved waste and water management, addressing the full water cycle, collection and re-use opportunities.

Compliance reporting and accreditation

  • Development of detailed Environmentally Sustainable Development and Energy Efficiency reports for planning, development and building compliance, such as Environment Management Plans, Waste Management Plans, Building Code Section J compliance reporting, STEPS and Environmental Scorecard assessments.


Greensphere works closely with clients and design teams to provide robust solutions to minimise the environmental impact of buildings and developments with the aim of:

  • Reduced environmental impact and minimisation of energy and water usage;
  • Cost reduction in capital investment, maintenance and resource consumption;
  • Tennant satisfaction and improved livability of the built environment;
  • Design and development innovation for improved building performance;
  • Positive public relations and improved Corporated Social Responsibility; and
  • Innovation through integration.


Greensphere offers accreditation in GreenStar, ABGR, NABERS, FirstRate, NatHERS, Basix, STEPS / SDS, as well professional memberships with AIRAH, ABSA, Sustainability Victoria, Green Building Council of Australia, and many others.

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