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Off Grid Tolmie House

Project: Tolmie House

Client: Habitech Systems / Private Client

Category: Off-grid / Low Energy Residential

Greensphere Consulting was commissioned to provide the Energy Assessment for the Habitech Alpine House. This was completed using FirstRate5 and resulted in a 7.7 Star rating.

The design is carefully considered to frame southern mountain views, while optimising northern orientation. The house has utilised a specialised construction system to create a unique family home in a difficult climate.

As always, the devil is in the detail, and in this case Habitech System’s unique building fabric demonstrates how effectively insulation and building sealing is achieved with the system. The Habitech Structural Integrated Panel (SIPs) system far exceeds the minimum performance requirements of the BCA deemed-to-satisfy (DTS) provisions and contributes to a level of performance higher than is indicated by the rating system – FirstRate does not allow adjustment of the infiltration settings, one of the areas of performance that sets this system apart from the standard stick and brick construction.

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