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Living Places – Melbourne Design Awards Winner 2012

‘Living Places’ Suburban Revival

Awarded to BENT Architecture

Category: Architecture – Residential – Constructed


Project Overview

‘Living Places’ public housing establishes a benchmark for environmentally and socially sustainable low-cost housing in Victoria.

The culmination of an open design competition initiated by the Office of the Victorian Government Architect and the Office of Housing,’ Living Places’ involves the design of fifteen environmentally efficient, low-cost dwellings on six consolidated residential allotments in Dandenong. The project establishes a solar responsive urban framework which, in combination with efficient internal planning and the integration of ESD technologies, facilitates dwellings with energy ratings in excess of 8 stars. WSUD principles, grey water treatment and indigenous planting reduce the site’s dependence on mains water and minimise its impact on the local environment.

‘Living Places’ is spatially diverse and accommodates numerous household configurations. Private open spaces, semi-private gardens and operable fences and screens allow residents to mediate contact with neighbours, while centrally located communal outdoor spaces activate the site and create possibilities for interaction and self-expression.

‘Living Places’ demonstrates that public housing can be accommodated within established suburban environments without disrupting the neighbourhood or ostracizing the community within. Furthermore, they can be spatially rich and rewarding places to live.

Project Commissioner

Department of Human Services
Director of Housing

Project Creator

Paul Porjazoski
BENT Architecture

Project Team

Paul Porjazoski
Merran Porjazoski
Louisa Macleod
Fiona Lew
Andre Ullal
Builder: Pirovich Industries
Interior Design: BENT Architecture
Landscape Architect: Site Office
Structural Engineer: Clive Steele Partners
Services Engineers: SPA Consulting Engineers
ESD Consultants: Third Skin and Greensphere Consulting